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April 29 2017


Do you ever want to talk to someone but

1) You feel like you’re bothering them or coming off clingy
2) You don’t have anything to say, you just want to talk to them
3) You don’t know how to hold a conversation to save your life 

April 24 2017

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Zamknięty jestem w swoim ciele do końca życia  i nikt mi nie otworzy tej klatki.
— Marek Hłasko
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April 22 2017

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My emotional spectrum ranges from industrial noise to Dostoyevsky monologue

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April 11 2017

Yes, be patient with me. My heart is heavy.
Albert Camus, The Possessed: A Play  (via m-as-tu-vu)
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April 04 2017

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March 31 2017

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Museum of Modern Art

New York, NY

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“Polly Jean, I love you. I love the texture of your skin, the taste of your saliva, the softness of your ears. I love every inch and every part of your entire body. From your toes and the beautifully curved arches of your feet, to the exceptional shade and warmth of your dark hair. I need you in my life, I hope you need me too.”

- Nick Cave in letter to PJ Harvey

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